Cru Staff Resource Page

For Partnering with Churches and Volunteers


Why Do It:

  • The best way to pour into every student for a lifetime
  • The best way to maintain continuity on 2-year schools
  • The only way to reach remote campuses
  • The only way to reach every campus

Who They Are:

  • Busy Volunteers: like students but with less time and, hopefully, more maturity
  • Stretched Pastors: experienced and resourced, but also pressured to accomplish things in their own church

Where to Find:

  • Pray - God sends people from unexpected places
  • Look - ask students, churches, faculty and friends who live near the campus

How to Coach (Prioritize their training leaders in core DNA and helping them pass the baton well):

  • Resource: The Handbook has everything you and they need to help with or even run a campus ministry
  • Be purposeful about what you cover over the phone and how you invest your face-time (click here for details)
  • Expectations (fulfilling the role staff members would): attend leadership meetings; attend weekly meeting; disciple student leaders

What to Avoid:

  • Make sure you are on the same page: walk through the Statement of Faith as well as Defining Our Cause. Get a sense as to whether they have a vision for reaching the lost for Jesus and if they are about His kingdom rather than their own.
  • Don't overburden them with high time-commitment expectations
  • Have a plan in case they want to start their own ministry apart from Cru


  • "Rose," a lady in her 50's went back to school at a far-away campus. A staff member traveled 2 hours to walk the campus with her. Together, they asked student activities if they knew anyone who wanted to get involved and were referred to a cafeteria worker who introduced them to an athletic director and a math teacher. They approached groups of students on campus and found a few in each group who were interested. Rose gathered all the contacts and filled out all the paperwork launching a ministry that wouldn’t have happened without a key volunteer.
  • Some Cru alumni asked for help working with a campus nearby. With their past experience, they already understood how it worked and didn't require much coaching. They took a nonexistent ministry brought it up to 50-60, one of which joined staff.
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