Getting to Know You

We're so glad to hear God has put it on your heart to work with us in pursuing His mission! For more info about launching a ministry on your campus, visit If you haven't already, fill out this quick survey to tell us about yourself.

Before we dive in, we'd like to talk through a few heart and ministry philosophy points to make sure we're on the same page and have the same expectations. Over the next few conversations, would you please read and take notes on the following documents? Each one is only a page or two long, and it will give us some great tracks to run on! Feel free to share them with others as you find them helpful as well.


After our 1st conversation

  1. You Can Make a Difference
  2. Defining Our Cause
  3. Decoding the Campus

After our 2nd conversation

  1. Walking in the Spirit
  2. Satisfied?
  3. Day with the Lord

After our 3rd conversation

  1. Picture of a Leader
  2. Forming a Leadership Team
  3. Campus Ministry at a Glance
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